Beautifully designed digital toys for mobile devices.

The Frosty Pop Corps is an artisan of beautifully designed digital toys for iPhone, iPad, and iPod (and sometimes Android, too). Featured 35 times by Apple in the App Store, Frosty Pop is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Ninja Attack!

The year: 1984. The place: Brooklyn, New York Dojo Number 7. The time: of no real consequence. "Ninja Attack!" is the result of a bizarre thesis statement: If Hunter S. Thompson was head of the art department at the Sega Corporation Ltd. in the early 80s, what would the bonus round in Shinobi look like?

The Frosty Pop Corps


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the game “15 Puzzle”, a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in numerical order by making sliding moves that use the empty space. A casual and clever puzzle game about the paths you choose and the choices you make, Sprnkls is a match 3 (or more) style puzzle game with a mad twist, but you'll have to play to find out. Boom.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Invaders... From Space!

Pays homage to 80’s CRT screens, P20 Pocket Operators, and the infamous (and much loved) Pico-8 colour palette. Offering an intuitive touch control system, 3D Touch, and over 750 target locations wrapped in an 8-bit-like 3D environment, you'll need to couple your mad geography skills with your mad arcade skills to excel at this genre mash-up. Kitschy, irreverent, retro-inspired, prepare for annihilation with a set of nimble fingers, only on the App Store.

The Frosty Pop Corps


Welcome to a whimsical journey of thousands, and thousands, and thousands of puzzles (over 15,000 to be more exact). With a lovely visual palette, smile-inducing sound effects, intuitive controls, and a throwback 90s-independent-motion-picture-comedy-soundtrack to boot, rvlvr. will keep you engaged for days on end.

The Frosty Pop Corps

The Contender: Fight of the Century

In a world you cannot understand, the ring is your salvation. You are, The Contender. Get rocked in this 80s throwback to arcade boxing champions of yesteryears. The Contender is a less-is-more homage to classic 8-bit console (boxing) games that will, ahem, stretch your limits!

The Frosty Pop Corps


If Flappy Bird and Downwell did some baby makin' resulting in a love child with the shakes and a penchant for dubstep, this would be it. With controls like hand churned butter, you'll have to tap and dodge eyeballs, slimeballs, goofballs, and waterballs.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Slap Shots!

Slap Shots! brings the heat with top shelf design, simple one touch controls, and a player vs player mode that will have you screaming boom-shaka-laka With over 100+ unique characters, you can unlock your favourite cities, foods, and people. Fire up the trash talking from Calgary to Chicago to Boston and beyond.

The Frosty Pop Corps

High Dive 2.0

After 2,000,000+ downloads, Walter is back in full effect with an all new re-built from the ground up High Dive experience. All new characters, obstacles, random generated patterns, power-ups and more! All new look, same great taste.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Monster Maker Mega Pack

It's time for all you cats to get back to basics and join the Monster Squad! Make mad monsters with the Monster Maker Mega Pack stickers for the all new iMessage. Millions of possibilities to create and share with you friends and family.The Monster Maker Mega Pack will inspire and delight you and your peeps.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Autocorrect Correct

Remember that time you texted your mom to pick up some fresh ground black "pooper" from the grocery store? Well, no more! Quickly cover your embarrassing autocorrects, fix common misspellings, and fight back against all the grammar snobs out there by fixing things before they even notice.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Text Bytes

Old school meets new school in this 8-bit text mashup. Reply to your friends with these killer 8-bit bubbles and be cooler than cool. Pixels are the new black, only in the all new iMessage on iOS 10.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Big Fishy

It’s 1983, you’re in the middle of Wascana Lake, and the line goes taut. You’ve got it hooked. One. Big. Fish. Use your touch screen like it was meant to be used in this fast paced pattern recognition tracer.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Teeter – Endless Arcade Balancer

A ball, a bar, a peg, and a hole. Mundane as individual forms, yet in concert together: magical. Once you get past the derivative subtitle, you'll find a game of whimsy and delight, with enhanced controls for 3D Touch supported devices. And don't forget to shake your phone for a surprise!

The Frosty Pop Corps The Frosty Pop Corps The Frosty Pop Corps

Walls & Balls

A golf-pinball-pong hybrid with a Swiss design aesthetic? Say whaaaaa? Study and master the laws of physics in this fast paced ball bouncer.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Kitty Pops

Maybelline is a mouse. Do you see that big piece of cheese in the sky? Yeah, she wants to get there. Never mind we both know that’s just the moon. You’re the wind that’s going to get her there.

The Frosty Pop Corps

High Dive

Walter likes diving. Birds like flying. Hmmmmmmm. Help Walter break the world outdoor diving record in this pseudo–endless arcade diver. Also available for Apple TV.

The Frosty Pop Corps

Ten Large

You owe Fat Tony ten large and he's about to send his goons to collect. Crack as many safes as you can in this brain teasing puzzler and you just might be able to keep your legs. Also available for Apple TV.

The Frosty Pop Corps

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